Which Is the Best Book Tracking App? A Comparison of 5 Book Trackers

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Which Is the Best Book Tracking App? A Comparison of 5 Book Trackers

In this detailed comparison, I ranked the top five best book tracker apps, with the best coming first. Though all of these apps track the books you read, they differ in many ways. I will break them down by price, whether they are free, paid, or freemium; their core features and what sets them apart; how each one works, how easy they are to navigate; how they differ; their strong suits and their shortcomings. At the end of the piece, you will find my recommendations for which app you should use based on what kind of reader you are.

Star-Crossed: 8 Fantasy Books With Forbidden Romance

I especially love when the forbidden romance is a true enemies to lovers romance — legit enemies, not mere rivals. I want knives held to each other’s throats, a prick of blood before the kiss. I want them to annihilate each other, and then annihilate each other’s hearts. In my experience, a lot of romances claim to do this, but it’s more rivals to lovers, not necessarily enemies, and not necessarily forbidden.  

Historical Fantasy Books for Your Book Club

There are a few genres that always seem to do well with our audience. I mean, they pretty much all have their moments, but fantasy and historical fiction really have their moments. And I get it. I love both genres, together and separately. There is something I’ve noticed when reading historical fiction, though. Things change so much through the years that even just reading about what people did a few decades ago feels like reading a book set in a fantasy world. A fantasy world that was that much more horrible if you weren’t rich and male, usually.

8 of the Best Books About Intergenerational Friendships

Stories about intergenerational friendships, too, have plenty of wisdom for readers to gain. They offer a reminder that people are often alike in ways they might not expect and that there is much to learn from those born in a different generation than you. These eight fiction books all center intergenerational friendships, from contemporary fiction to cozy mysteries and more.

5 New LGBTQ YA and Children’s Books Out This Week

This was a huge new releases week, at least when it comes to LGBTQ books, so I had to split it into two lists. On Tuesday, I wrote about ten of the most exciting adult queer books out this week, including a friends-to-rivals-to-lovers F/F bowling romance and a queer sci-fi mystery that’s Knives Out in Space with a Parasite twist. Today, I have five new queer YA and children’s books out this week, including a nonbinary YA serial killer thriller, a gay kid at the family pizzeria, a Pride picture book, and more.

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