Star-Crossed: 8 Fantasy Books With Forbidden Romance

cover of The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon, swirling purple around gold, with different phases of moons, with the outline of a face a a ship in the corners

The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

Of all the fantasy romance out right now, this one takes up the most rent-free space in my mind. This captures enemies-to-lovers more accurately and emotionally than much of the romantasy genre. (I said what I said.) Growing up in a nation under siege by the colonizing Night Emperor, Talasyn has known only war. With rare light magic running through her veins, Talasyn has no idea the weapon she really is.

When she meets Prince Alaric, heir to the Night Empire and wielder of shadow magic, on the battlefield, their fight is ruthless, but a stalemate. Fate continues to place Alaric and Talasyn together, and while each cannot help but fall for the other, their pasts and future intentions pull them apart. Talasyn, in particular, is well aware of the violence and death the Night Empire has caused, with Alaric at the helm. She feels for him, but cannot forgive the atrocities. Whew, what an emotional rollercoaster this is.

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